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Quality control is what makes Purion special and standout from its competitors by a big margin. The treated water industry is known for its poor standards of its transport vechicles, extreme delays in delivery, ill mannered delivery staff and to top it all off Contaminated product due to various reasons. We at Purion, Make all the difference and offer sale of de-mineralised and Reverse Osmosis water with the highest degree of un-contaminated water achevied through various stages of our rigerous testing standards, which starts from water source to delivery at the client's place.

The water goes through various stages of rigourous testing mindful of the fact that, quality and professionalism is our strength.Water samples are collected periodically by our Reseach and Development cell and sent to their Microbiological lab to keep a constant check on our product quality.

The next stage of transportation is where most of the contamination occurs due to bad maintanence of transport vechiles this is handled by us by employing a new fleet of vehicles that emit less amount of carbon footprints and are coated with anti-corrosants that ensure that there is no contamination.

During the production process we ensure there are multiple quality checks, ensuring we achieve the quality standards that we promise.
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