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Purion is the numero uno market player in professional service of Reverse Osmosis and De-mineralised water supply chain in India. Gone are the days when industries had to put up with DM and RO waters suppliers of sub-standard quality and service.The quality check at each step of the production, transportation and on-arrival process goes a long way to show our dedication to deliver goods of the highest quality like none other. Being one of the first to provide DM and RO water delivery with GPS tracking facilities, Purion boasts of its PROFESSIONALISM, QUALITY AND SERVICE.
We here by would like to confirm that, we have been getting the DM Water from M/S, Purion distilled water pvt Ltd, Maraimalainagar for the past nine months and certify their product quality level & their customer service is very good "
- T Suresh, Material Dept.IP Rings Ltd
Ro Water
We are producing RO Water with the state of art RO Plant and RO water shall be pure, hygienic and less mineral content and suitable for drinking and other industrial applications.
DM Water
We are producing DM Water with the state of art Demineralization Plant
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